Retreat Activities

Structured Activities for A Three Day Retreat

The Religion Teacher’s List of 250 Activities & Teaching Strategies

Group Discussions

Groups of five people come together and have conversation around the theme of the day, visual materials and community issues. Questions, rules, and facilitators will be used to structure the discussions.

Individual Study and Reading

Individuals will study the assigned articles by their own. They will get ready to share highlighted topics, questions and insights from their readings with the rest of the group in the reading discussion sessions.

Meal Conversations

Meal times are good opportunities for our community to know each other and build connections. Light and casual conversations will be encouraged during the lunch time with different set of table partners each day. Conversations will include dialogues like basic personal introduction, highlight of the day and some fun questions that are helping others get familiar with you in a casual manner.


Each day several educational seminars will be offered simultaneously for our community  from 2 to 3 pm. These seminars will provide a platform for civic conversations, sound knowledge, perspectives for variety of topics offered and presented by our community members.

Community Forums

These are daily group discussion hours to engage and explore our challenges, questions, crisis, growth areas as immigrants and faith communities in US context. As a group, we will approach these issues in an analytical, critical, and constructive ways to build and present a progressive outlook for ourselves and our communities.

Group Prayers

These are five daily group prayers and worship times. These gatherings provide a spiritual and communal atmosphere to nourish our soul and heart. They are opportunities for our community to feel more connected, centered, and spiritually vital. Group chanting, prayer for other community members, involvement of our children are enriching our experience of communal spirit during this retreat.

Reading Discussions

Each day has its own theme, set of questions to explore and reading materials to digest. At the evening time, we gather to share the highlights from our assigned text with other discussion partners in our group. These sharing help the group to get richer perspective about different readings and give a chance to understand and appreciate other members approach to the same issue while expressing their own.

Keynote Speeches

Each day we aim to have a keynote speaker who will be reflecting on the theme of the day or will be speaking on some pressing issues for our communities.

Social Hours

Social hours are the partying and socializing time in a very casual and friendly atmosphere around a cup of tea, light beverages and even music and performances.  

Kids Activities

These activities aim to present a fun and memorable experience for our kids through games, group activities, outdoor activities and light faith formation classes.