Common Rooms and Activities

Room Activity Room Activity
Aspen Bounce Houses, Play Ground Kids Activities Montreal 2nd-3rd Grade Boys Programs
Boardroom 2nd Grade Girls Magna 8th-9th Grade Girls Programs
Bonaventure 1st and 3rd Grade Girls Program Olympia Center A Dining Hall – Men
Broadmoor A Kindergarten Girls and Boys Programs Olympia Center B Dining Hall – Women
Broadmoor B Pre-K Girls and Boys Program Harley D. Room 6th Grade Boys Programs
Crickets ISOM Programs Frisco Room 7th Grade Boys Programs
Crown Kirgiz Programs, Seminar-5 Room Royal Cellar Game Room
Illinois A Seminar-1 Room Suite 204 4th – 5th Grade Girls Programs 10 roll a ways
Illinois B Seminar-2 Room Suite 208 7th Grade Girls Programs
Illinois C Seminar-3 Room, Prayers (Women without Kids), Suite 212 6th Grade Girls
Milwaukee Ages 2-4 Child Care Westlake (Pillars) Ozbek Programs and Seminar-4 Room
Monaco 1st Grade Boys Programs Wisconsin A Prayer Room (Men without kids)

(Seminar Room – 6)

Monticello 4th-5th Grade Boys Programs Wisconsin B Prayers, Talks (Men with kids) (Seminar Room – 7)
Olympia Center 5 Chair group Group Discussions and  Workshops Wisconsin C Prayers and Talks  (Women with Kids)